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The ashram is located in an ideal place with boundaries to the Rajaji National Park and the River Ganges. Its surroundings are wonderful for nature walks, swimming and enjoy life outdoor in a clean and healthy environment.

Daily activities
Visitors, short or long term students as well as permanent residents are welcome to join the daily routine of collective activities or several programmes based on the teachings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
These activities are meant to support the spiritual work:

6:00 amCollective meditation.
7:00 amYoga Asanas.
8:00 amBreakfast.
9:00 amKarma Yoga / Study Period.
11:30 amSatsang (questions and answers with Swami Brahmdev).
1:00 pmLunch.
3:30 pmTea.
4:00 pmIndividual study or practice / Karma Yoga.
5:00 pmYoga Asanas (optional).
6:00 pmMeditation / Kirtan.
7:00 pmDinner.
8:00 pmCultural programmes: reading, video, talks, singing, dancing.

Integral Education
Recognised by the central Government of India as an Educational Institution, Aurovalley offers continuous Integral Yoga Courses throughout the year. While providing a grounding formation on the philosophical aspects of the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother with emphasis on the practical aspects of Yoga and Meditation, Aurovalley´s collective life specially aims at increasing our capacities to become wiser, stronger, and more harmonious and loving, in order to become effective channels for the manifestation of the Divine forces on earth.
At the Ashram, you will receive the gift of time. Let yourself surrender to the need of spending quiet and nourishing time with yourself obeying to your deepest voice. Rich in beautiful and quiet spaces, Aurovalley lets our creative spirits flow. Discover the transformative power of living with a greater consciousness and contemplation. At Aurovalley you will find the support and direction to grow as a spiritual being.

A Free Curriculum
The core of Integral Education is to live in the peaceful spiritual atmosphere of the Ashram, participating in its daily activities which are designed to help the transformation, helping the soul to come out and take charge of our being.
The valuable presence of Swami Brahmdev during satsangs makes possible that seekers can find their own answers on how to live, who they are, how to become the masters of the mental, physical, vital and psychic beings, how to be able to manifest the Divine Consciousness, and how to transform life into a 24 hours meditation. The fact that Integral Yoga considers that each path is personal, makes that every seeker´s curriculum is unique.

Who Can Apply? Aurovalley is open for people of any age, nationality, background and English knowledge. Be part of the humanity who wants to help to bring on earth “The Life Divine”.
Dates: Your course will begin the day you arrive to Aurovalley.

How to apply? Reservation forms.