Auromira in Colombia

Every year Swami Brahmdev spends about one month at Auromira, a child born from Aurovalley in Colombia, South America, which is also inspired by the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. It respects each individual´s spiritual path and provides spaces of silence for meditation, study, relaxation, self observation, going within, for an integral transformation.

Auromira has always been offered to the Divine´s will and aims to promote the individual and collective growth of consciousness. Thanks to Mother´s presence, people, resources and help have been always flowing. Sri Aurobindo´s relics were enshrined in 2008 by Tara Jauhar and Swami Brahmdev.
Auromira is located 3 hours away from Bogota, at the foothills of the sacred Flora and Fauna Sanctuary of Iguaque in the Andes mountains and on the outskirts of the small historical village of Villa de Leyva, 2.200 mts high. It is immersed in gardens, lovely hills, greenery and nature. Roses and many flowers do blossom all year long. Silence is only broken by the singing of the birds.

It has accommodation for guests and four hours of daily practice are open to visitors.

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