Swami Brahmdev

Don’t possess anything
and don’t allow anything
to possess you.

He was born in a rich and fertile state in the North of India. He grew up different from other boys his age. His interests were not the same, his passions were not the same, his mind was searching in some other realm.

After graduating from Law School and a degree in Economics, he travelled the Himalayas in his search, as well as the length and breadth of the country. He found his answers in the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and Mother. There his search seemed to stop, but the inward journey began in greater earnestness.

Soon he was being guided by some other force that came from within him and yet filled the Universe.

He set up the Aurovalley Ashram at the foot of the Himalayans mountains and he dedicated his life to live and share the legacy of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. As part of his work he gives great effort to help the community around the ashram providing it with education, health and well-being.

While Swamiji lives primarily in Aurovalley, he tries to honor invitations to many countries, be it Europe, Russia, U.S.A., or the Latin American countries, all of where he has followers. Wherever he goes his focus is one: trying to equip people to play the game of life deftly.

As simply and as unassumingly as the Ganges flows by his ashram, Swamiji too sits with the many visitors who come from all over the world and helps them understand life and the world through a glimpse into spirituality. His teachings are actually delivered under a tree, in a very informal style and prompted by questions from visitors. Swamiji cares for everyone according to the needs and processes of each person, creating a world of freedom, simplicity and choices.

All the “…isms” waft away with the wind, all religions seem one, all people come together as family and a complicated life seems almost simple!

Be welcome to pause in the silence between words, the wisdom in the words and the unworded warmth that engulfs them in Swami Brahmdev’s talks.