In response to the inner ecology and the growth of consciousness, the dream was visioned 25 years ago for a universal education center for the growth of consciousness, dedicating “to the healthy total life of mankind”.

… the real aim of Nature is a true unity supporting a rich diversity. Her secret is clear enough from the fact that though she moulds on one general plan, she insists always on an infinite variation. … This variation and fundamental following of its own separate law is necessary to its life, but it is equally necessary to the healthy total life of mankind.
…in this harmony between our unity and our diversity lies the secret of life…

Sri Aurobindo.

(Uni)diversity captures this co-existence of Unity and diversity in its essence and the institution will endeavor to explore this concept in all its aspects: in pure knowledge, in meditation and Yoga, in health & wellness, and in education.

A place for the education for the growth of consciousness through healthy mental, healthy vital, healthy physical, psychic and spiritual.

The education of a human being should begin at birth and continue throughout his life.
The Mother

Education for the growth of consciousness