Aurovalley Ashram

This collective experiment was born from the aspiration of Swami Brahmdev to open a space for the growth of consciousness, following the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s.

Founded in 1985, Aurovalley is a non-profit charitable organization registered as a Yoga Educational Institution by the Government of India.

It is a living experiment where people from all ages, countries and paths of life, can come to develop or deepen their spiritual practice in a silent and peaceful atmosphere surrounded by nature and the holy river Ganges. It was created to help in the process of finding one´s own unique path in a simple, dogma-free environment, with a daily discipline of meditation, physical practice, karma yoga and guidance. It is a place to connect with the highest consciousness.

In addition to being a place for spiritual development, the ashram offers service to the community through educational and other programmes for the wellbeing of the people from the surrounding communities.

Visitors, short or long term students and permanent residents, are welcome to join the daily activities or programmes based on the teachings of Integral Yoga. Families are also encouraged to come with their children, who are cherished members of the ashram.